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              Family Crest       
  1st -  André                  
   2nd - Daniel                    
            4th - GENERATION                  

Andrew  [André]
John  [Jean]
Peter  [Pierre]
James  [Jacques]
Joshua  [Josué]


    » Isaac LAMOREUX   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 5-2-1744; WD Coxsackie, Greene, NY, 3-13-1809;
                                    M• NY, 177~, Elizabeth, B• 8-26-1751; D• 7-26-1832
    » John LAMOREUX   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 11-14-1745; D• Dutchess Cº, NY, 9-19-1803;
M• NY, 177~, Charity HILL, B• Red Mills, Dutchess, NY
    » Elisha LAMOREUX  B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 8-10-1749; D• Albany Cº, NY, 10-6-1817;
                                     M• NY, 1772/3, Miriam HILL, B• Fox Meadow, Dutchess, NY, 5-27-1756; D• 4-1-1841
    » Elizabeth LAMOREUX   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 8-12-1751; D• Peekskill, Westchester, NY, 1-7-1772;
                                             M• Westchester Cº, NY, 2-14-1770, Isaac DRAKE, Bur Peekskill, Westchester, NY, 8-29-1790
    » Andrew LAMOREUX   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 3-31-1754; D• Sleepy Hollow, Westchester, NY, 11-20-1839;
                                             M-1 Westchester Cº, NY, 4-4-1790, Anna BROWN, B• Mt. Pleasant, Westchester, NY, 8-6-1771;
                                        D• Sleepy Hollow, Westchester, NY, 12-27-1816;
                                        M-2 White Plains, Westchester, NY, 6-17-1818, Sarah SECOR, B• Scarsdale, Westchester, NY, 179~
    » Daniel LAMOREUX    B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 1-3-1757; D• New York City, New York, NY, 1-17-1821;
                                                           M• Hempstead, Nassau, NY, 7-30-1780, Charity WETMORE, B• Rye, Westchester, NY, 1-23-1760;
                                        D• Kingston, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada, 7-10-1849
    » Peter L. LAMOREUX   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 7-12-1761; D• Rose, Wayne, NY, 12-22-1850;
                                              M• Dutchess Cº, NY, 1784, Elizabeth {BANCKER} WRIGHT, B• Fishkill, Dutchess, NY, 9-12-1760;
                                        D• Rose, Wayne, NY, 9-5-1845
    » Jesse LAMOREUX    B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 4-12-1763; D• Montgomery, Dutchess, NY, 9-10-1806;
                                                       M• Dutchess Cº, NY, 8-15-1782, Jane WETMORE, B• Rye, Westchester, NY, 6-4-1760
    » Phebe LAMOREUX    B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 6-10-1766; D• 9-2-1803;
                                            M• Smiths Clove, Orange, NY, 1-22-1794, Samuel HART, B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 1774; D• 1825

Family Crest



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