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              Family Crest        
  1 - André                   
  2 - Daniel                  
  3 - Peter                    

Andrew  [André]
John  [Jean]
Peter  [Pierre]
James  [Jacques]
Joshua  [Josué]

                       Grandchildren of Peter LAMOREAUX  (grandson of André)                      

                     Jane LAMOREUX  &  James Gideon FLOURANCE                  

     Gideon   B• 1772
   » Peter FLOURANCE   B• 1774; D• After 1850; M• Elizabeth CAMPBELL
     Hezekiah    B• 1776
     Jesse    B• 1780; D• c.1817; Unm
   » Sarah FLOURANCE  B• Orange Cº, NY, 1781; D• 1817↔20; M• Jeremiah BAILEY, B• Slaughter’s Pond, Orange, NY, 1783
     John    B• 1782
     Mary    B• 1783
     James    B• Central Valley, Orange, NY, 11-4-1785; D• Central Valley, Orange, NY, 3-5-1849;
                          M-1 Central Valley, Orange, NY, 10-24-1812, Margaret TAYLOR; M-2 1848, Phebe MAILER
     Abigail   B• 1787
     Abijah    B• 1789; M• Julia BREWSTER
     Elizabeth Jean    B• 1791; M• Aaron TAYLOR

                     Isaac LAMOREUX  Phebe RUMSEY                   
      Isaac Jr.   B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 1774; D• 2-20-1830
      James     B• Goshen, Orange, NY, c.1776
     ≪dau≫    B• Goshen, Orange, NY
     ≪dau≫     B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 178~
   » Jepthah LAMOREUX  B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 1784; M• Orange Cº, NY, 180~, Mary RUMSEY, B• Goshen, Orange, NY, c.1788
   » Moses LAMOREUX B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 1786; D• Dunmore, Lackawanna, PA, After 1860;
                                   M• Orange Cº, NY, 181~, Mary SHELDON, B• NY, 1796/7; D• Dunmore, Lackawanna, PA, After 1860
     ≪son≫     B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 180~
     ≪son≫     B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 180~

                    Joseph LAMOREUX  Abigail SNEDEN                   
   » Abraham LAMOREUX  B• Orange Cº, NY, 5-24-1786; D• Sanford, Broome, NY, 10-29-1856; M• c.1811, Susannah EDICK,
                             B• NY, 9-21-1790; D•Binghampton, Broome, NY, 4-8-1877
     Phebe    B• Orange Cº, NY, 6-3-1787; D• Stoughton, Dane, WI, 6-19-1885; M• NY, c.1807, James COMPTON
     Rachel   B• Cornwall, Orange, NY, c.1790; D• Broome Cº, NY, 1876; M• 1817, Alfred CORWIN
     Susan    B• Cornwall, Orange, NY, 1792; D• Deposit, Broome, NY, 7-1-1876; M• c.1815, Coe G. CARPENTER
   » Elizabeth LAMOREUX     B• NY, 10-2-1794; D• West Warren, Bradford, PA, 4-5-1896; M• 2-4-1824, Phillip ROGERS

     ≪son≫    B• Goshen, Orange, NY, 1795↔9
     Bathsheba    B• Deposit, Broome, NY, 1800; D• West Warren, Bradford, PA, 8-28-1898; M• c.1823, John DICKERSON
   » Catherine LAMOREUX  B• 7-9-1804; D• Conklin, Broome, NY, 5-26-1891; M• c.1819, Alexander ROGERS

                     Luke LAMOREUX  Eliza                   
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 178~
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 178~
   » James LAMOREUX     B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 1789/90; D• 12-10-1834; M• Orange Cº, NY, 180~, Sarah, D• 11-5-1832
      ≪dau≫     B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~
       Sarah        B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~; M• John LENT, B• 1796
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~
     ≪dau≫     B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~
     ≪dau≫     B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 180~
     ≪dau≫     B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 180~
     ≪dau≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 180~

                   Peter LAMOREUX Jr.  Martha CROW                   
    Peter   B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 1783
   » John LAMOREUX  B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 1789; M• Orange Cº, NY, Charity, B• 1795
     Andrew    B• Yorktown, Westchester, NY, 179~
     Cornelius    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 179~
     Phebe     B• Monroe, Orange, NY
     Martha     B• Monroe, Orange, NY
     Catherine    B• Monroe, Orange, NY
     Millicent   B• Monroe, Orange, NY
     Mary       B• Monroe, Orange, NY

                    Susanna LAMOREUX  Robert DAVENPORT                   
   » Hannah DAVENPORT B• Highland Mills, Orange, NY, c.1782; M• Orange Cº, NY, 182~, Daniel MULLOY

                    Phebe LAMOREUX  Moses CLARK                   
   » Isaac CLARK  B• Fort Montgomery, Orange, NY, c.1784; M• Orange Cº, NY, Miriam SWIM, B• Queensborough Forge, Orange, NY, c.1788

                    Jesse LAMOREUX  Charity DANFORTH                   
   » Andrew W. LAMOREUX B• New Cornwall, Orange, NY, 12-27-1799; D• Walker Twp, Kent, MI, 6-27-1876;
                                              M-1 NY, 182~, Sarah ≺Sally≻ FRANCISCO, D• NY, 1842;
                              M-2 1843, Emma D. {BROWN} WEED, B• Benton, Yates, NY, 3-10-1804; D• Walker Twp, Kent, MI, 1-11-1884
    Jane Mary   B† Walden, Orange, NY, 1-11-1801; M• BOULTON
   » William Oliver LAMOREUX  B• New Cornwall, Orange, NY, 10-7-1797; D• Mayville, Dodge, WI, 3-12-1880;
                                                     M• Lenox, Madison, NY, 7-6-1823, Harriet BARNARD,
                                    B• Westmoreland, Oneida, NY, 10-22-1799; D• Mayville, Dodge, WI, 6-8-1887

   » Joseph LAMOREUX  B• New Cornwall, Orange, NY, 2-25-1800; D• Cannonsburg, Kent, MI, 8-5-1858;
                                     M• NY, c.1830, Caroline MABIE, B• NY, 1810
     Jesse Jr.   B• New Cornwall, Orange, NY, c.1802
     George    B• NY, c.1803
   » Aaron LAMOREUX   B• Middlesex, Yates, NY, 1805; M• NY, c.1830, Sally, B• 1812

                    Andrew Walker LAMOREUX  Hester HORTON                   
   » Peter LAMOREUX   B• Cornwall, Orange, NY, 1794; M• NY, 1-1-1839, Phebe Ann REYNOLDS B• Middlesex, Yates, NY, 9-15-1817
   » Elizabeth LAMOREUX B• Cornwall, Orange, NY, c.1797; M• NY, 1816, Lindsey WARFIELD, B• Millersville, Anne Arundel, MD, 1784
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 180~
     ≪son≫    B• Cheesecocks, Orange, NY, 180~

Family Crest



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